Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lions at Lunchtime by Mary Pope Osborne

Lions at Lunchtime is #11 is the Magic Tree House Series.  This children's Science Fiction sequel takes Jack and Annie on an African Safari after being lured back up to the Magic Tree House by their mystical friend, Morgan le Fay.  "She looked ancient and lovely," as ever (p. 2, Osborne).

Jack and Annie have shown interest in being Master Librarians, and Morgan le Fay is helping them get there by her wonderful inside world to research.  This time she handed over the book The Plains of Africa.  Just then, as all of there great adventures to other lands start, the wind started to blow and the tree house started to spin.  The next thing Jack and Annie knew they were looking out of the window at Zebra's, Giraffe, tons of birds, and tiny gazellas.

Jack and Annie use the book provided to look up random animals along the way.  The first entry read was,   
                                "Every year, in late spring, thousands
                                 of zebras and gazelles and millions
                                 of wildebeests (will-duh-beest)
                                 migrate from the dry plains of
                                 Tanzania to Kenya."

As the two discover new animals, they look them up and read some interesting facts that would appeal to children (even adults).  The author, Mary Pope Osbourne, also throws in some crazy adventures and twist and turns before the kids get back to their tree house with a riddle (that Morgan le Fray gave Jack and Annie in the form of an ancient scroll) answered.  This time the riddle was:
                                   I'm the color of gold
                                   and as sweet as can be.
                                   But beware of the danger
                                   that's all around me.
                                   What am I?
This time Annie got stuck in some mud that felt like quick sand.  Jack was able to get her out just in time, but he got pretty muddy in the challenge (which he apparently does not to do).

Mary Pope Osborne came up with a fantastic children's book that leaves the reader with a bit more than he/she started with before they picked up the book.  The stories are short and energy packed!

The author has written over 80 books mostly of the adventurous type.  She loves to travel and a lot of her inspiration comes from her own imaginative adventures in the places that she investigates.  She is also a huge theater buff (acting in plays in her spare time).  Take a look at her web page and you can see how she likes to tie theater into her everyday works...


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