Monday, May 9, 2011

Life's Little Fable by Patricia Cornwell

Patricia Cornwell, a well-know author of many adult literature detective books, writes Life's Little Fable for children.  Just with a glance I never would have guessed that the entire book rhymed.  I loved that feature.  It didn't look like poetry, but the words flowed as if it were.

Jarrod enjoys running, climbling trees, swinging from branches and being daring.  But he has been told not to go to the pond because his father was entranced by the pond and was taken from his family.  As most children can resist the temptation of going near something that they are told not to, Jarrod defied his mother's request and leans over the pond.  He hears a mystical voice drawing him closer and closer.  The birds are all singing about the beauty of the pond and what wonders it will share.  All of a sudden an alligator jumps out after Jarrod.  Jarrod is lucky enough to have a stick in his had that he prys the beast's mouth open in an effort to get away.  The beast retreats and Jarrod is no longer fooled.

This fable is one that we've heard.  Beautiful lands reminds the reader of a Garden of Eden and all of the temptations it has to offer.  But, we all know the drawbacks to all temptations

 In Patricia Cornwell's Own Words:"I wanted to write something for children, so we (my company) produced this book ourselves, at my expense. I used to write stories for children when I was a babysitter. Fable is also my gift to literacy. So far, every penny it has earned has gone to the Virginia Literacy Foundation and Reading Is Fundamental. The book is meant to be read to children. Hopefully, it will lead to meaningful conversations about good and evil and the truths and values the Scarpetta books are meant to instill in us. I learned about values and to care about reading because my mother read to me and told me stories when I was a child. In fact, Fable is dedicated to her."

The illustrator, Barbara Leonard Gibson, used pen and ink to create her colorful depictions of Jarrod and his adventurous life.  She has illustrated more than three dozen books.  She specializes in horse, wildlife and nature illustrations.

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