Monday, May 9, 2011

But Excuse Me That is My Book by Lauren Child

Lauren Child, the author, illustrator, and creator of Charlie and Lola, has found a way to children's heart by opening up to the way children think and play.  Her creative illustrations contain many different media including magazine cutting, collage, material and photography, and watercolors.  Along with the storyline, no one can resist the eye candy that her books contain.

Charlie and Lola, But excuse me that is my book, is about their trip to the library.  All Lola can do is think about getting her favorite book Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflys "it is the best book in the whole world," says Lola.  Charlie tries to explain to her that there are a ton of other books in the library to choose from and that she doesn't have to choose the same book everytime they go.  But, Lola is determined to get the book about Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflys and she is almost as determined to convince Charlie that it is infact the best book in the world.  Unfortunately, she looks up and and see's another girl about to check out her book.  What is she to do?  Finally, Charlie shows her a book about cheetas and chimpanzees.  She loves it!  She exclaims that "the chimpanzees are very cheeky."

I love the english accent that is even portrayed in the book.....cheeky. 

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