Monday, May 9, 2011

Lawn Boy Returns by Gary Paulsen

Lawn Boy Return's picks up with the narrator's prize fighter, Joey Pow, wins a big fight and a television interview makes him famous.  But now, more people want to get in with the action.  More people get hired for his lawn care business and all of the other arms of his businesses, his parents take a vacation, and now he has tax problems.  He becomes surrounded by lawyers and accountants and the mob is still chasing him down to get what they think they rightfully deserve.  Although Lawn Boy is still 12 years old he continues to blow us away with his childlike, boy-like behaviors that are still believable even though the content is that of which is not usually felt by this age group.  It is believable.

The book is hard to put down because of it's quick details and fast-paced action, making it an easy read for students in grades 6-9. 

Gary Paulsen's second book to the Lawn Boy series was a success.  He continued to entertain the reader without becoming repetitive.  This book continues to get great reviews.

Due to Gary Paulsen's broad broad knowledge of subjects (which I thought was only of the wilderness) he captures the readers interests and won't let go.

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