Monday, May 9, 2011

Buffalo Before Breakfast by Mary Pope Osborne

Another Magic Tree House Series book #18, Buffalo Before Breakfast by Mary Pope Osborne takes Jack and Annie on another exciting adventure.

Arf! Arf! Arf!  A Small dog was outside of the house when Jack looked out his bedroom window.  "Teddy's back, it's time," Annie exclaimed to Jack.  Another adventure was about to begin.  This time, after heading to the Magic Tree House, they were heading to the Great Plains.  When the tree house swirled and swirled around and finally stopped, Jack looked out amongst the grassey land.  He opened his Great Plains Reference book and read:
                    The Great Plains are in the middle of the United States.
                    Before the 20th century, this vast prairie covered nearly a fifth of America's land.
                    Some called it "an ocean of grass."
Annie was ready and already pulling Jack outside.  They saw tepees, busy people dressed in buckskins, and horses and ponies grazing nearby.  Jack, of course, looked up tepees in his research book.  He read about the Lakota tribe that inhabited mostly in the areas we now North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota in the early 1800's. 

The two explorers introduced themselves to a warrior that was riding close to them.  The kids made him a peanut butter sandwich and they enjoyed it together with their new warrior friend.  All of a sudden a stampede occurred as large bison began to run in all different directions.  The kids were mortified!  Little Teddy ran off and Annie ran after him.  She put her hands up and just like that the stampede calmed!  Everyone was relieved!

Jack and Annie were taken back to the warrior's village were they learned about the culture and ways of the tribe. 

This fun pact small book is so kid friendly.  It's easy to read, it's short, and the chapters are "kid friendly."  It is no wonder that this book is so popular.  The series involving Jack and Annie's adventures consists of 28 books.  Mary Pope Osborne started a second series called the Magic Tree House "Merlin Missions."  Jack and Annie still run the show but they are now taken to places of fantasy.  There are 46 books combined to complete the Magic Tree House collection.

The illustrations are black and white pencil and watercolor.  I enjoyed these illustrations, but I wish there were more.  I thought this about the first book as well!

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