Monday, May 9, 2011

Boris by Cynthia Rylant

Cynthia Rylant's, Boris, is one of those books that if your an animal lover (even just a cat lover) you can relate by the time you get through the first chapter. 

The narrator begins by explaining why she swore up and down she would never own another cat again.  She is very happy with her dogs because they don't howl and hiss all night long, and they don't spray and spit up hair balls.  The author "Promises" no more cats.   But........, now that a shelter opened just doors down from where she worked it was difficult not to look at the two cat that occupied the window space.  She'd give it a try, even after all the promises!

Boris is the name she gave one of the two cats she brought home to her new house.  Boris wasn't the cat's original name, which was Hunter, it was the name the she felt fit her new cat best.  Until.......mice, birds, feathers, and different animals began showing up on the porch.  Hunter was fitting, but she liked Boris. 

The narrator talked about the video's Boris enjoyed watching (cat video) in front of the television, Boris enjoyed staying out multiple evenings prowling around, and Boris capped fingernails (but still can climb a tree). 

One day the narrator moved, and so did each and everyone of her five animals (two cats and three dogs).  And she comments, "Every place is worth trying."

Cynthia Rylant charms the reader with this soft, well-written piece.  There was anything exciting occuring, but you wanted to know what Boris was doing (as seen through her eyes).  Cats are so complicated.  If you've owned one you know that your life revolves around theirs.  Dogs want your company every second.  Cats will ignore you one minute and the next minute they are jumping out at you to play a game or maybe just to steal a pet.

Reviews on this book were top-notch.  Is it a children's book?  The School Library Journal says it is for students in grades 8 and up.  I would say that this book is for ages 20 and up.  I can picture people giving this book as a gift for a friend when their cat passed away or when they own a cat that is dear to their heart.  Either way, it was a good read.

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