Monday, April 25, 2011

Dare to Dream: 25 Extraordinary Lives by Sandra McLeod Humphrey

Dare to Dream: 25 Extraordinary Lives provides the reader with not just one biography but 25 biographies of people. Each individual person chosen for this book contributed to our American History is their own way. From Abraham Lincoln to Helen Keller, to Jackie Robinson to Maya Angelou, to Martin Luther King Jr. to Arthur Ashe, to Michael Jordan, and so many more. Each of these individuals provided us (American People) with not only role models but people that changed the thinking of people forever..."You will see that no one individual excelled at everything but that each had his own unique gifts and talents." There was a common theme to this book and the people that were highlighted. Each had obsticles to overcome (Martin Luther King Jr. fought for civil rights and equality in a time of unrest and much prejudice, Abraham Lincoln walked nine miles to school each day and he was considered an outcast to his family and peers, Helen Keller was blind, Ben Carson did extremely poor in school but turned out to be the director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins..) and each overcame these obsticles after much time and passion and endurance and fortitude.

This book was amazing! So many comparisons can be made by children as they see the extraordinary events and stories that Sandra McLeod Humphrey provided. The author found a way to write for the reader instead of writing for the purpose not leaving anything out. The author focused on the things that the individuals did that changed history. She kept things brief but concise and personal.

This book would be perfect for all ages groups!

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